Semantic Versioning in Rust: Balancing Progress and Stability

An in-depth exploration of Semantic Versioning (SemVer) in the Rust ecosystem, examining its importance, challenges, and best practices for maintaining a stable and evolving codebase.Read More →

Zero-Copy in Rust: Maximizing Performance in Systems Programming

In the realm of systems programming, efficiency is paramount. Every unnecessary data copy can lead to performance bottlenecks, increased memory usage, and higher CPU utilization. This is where the concept of zero-copy comes into play, offering a powerful technique to optimize data handling and transfer operations.Read More →

Going Lock-Free with Rust: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Examples

Concurrency is a challenging but essential aspect of modern programming, especially for performance-critical applications. In Rust, the promise of "fearless concurrency" is a major draw for developers seeking to write safe and efficient concurrent code.Read More →

Understanding Arc in Rust

Rust's Arc (Atomic Reference Counting) is a crucial feature for safe concurrency, providing thread-safe reference counting. But what are the intricacies and performance implications? Well, I've been deep in it for a while, so let's share the knowledge.Read More →

2024 So Far

It's been... a lot.Read More →

Starting New

Hello, world.Read More →